Amazing New Life


1920440_10202899752592157_896633339_nIf you’ve been wondering where my posts have been lately, two weeks ago today my wife Mary and I welcomed our newest addition to the family Gavin James Brooks (pictured above). So all of my time has been focused there. Everything couldn’t have gone more perfect than they did.  On top of that he sleeps pretty soundly through the night (about 6 hours at a time).  His little features are quite similar to his older brother Joey having big hands, big feet and an almost identical looking baby face. He’s a beautiful little guy through the combination of Mary’s great genetics and a lot of prayer that he look like his momma on my behalf. As I was holding Gavin the other day, I began to reflect on the whole process of the pregnancy from start to finish.

From the time we knew that “G” (Gavin) was going to be joining us in February we were able to watch him grow without ever really “seeing” him, meaning watching Mary’s belly grow. At about 18-20 weeks we could feel him kick, punch and do Tae-Bo in the womb.  He was certainly an active baby and at times he’d wake Mary up from a dead sleep with his womb-antics.  As he progressively got older he seemed to respond to subtle pokes from us.  We’d poke at one side and he seemed to poke back.  We’d poke from another spot and he did the same.  It was pretty cool to know that you were essentially having a “poking war” with your unborn child.  Some say it’s just a neurological reaction or reflexes, but I like to think that he’s responding to our touch.  As the pregnancy carried on Mary began to experience major leg cramps, some so severe they’d almost render her crippled when trying to walk the next morning. All of these instances plus others led me to compare the total pregnancy or birth process to that of a person who’s gained salvation recently.

As we begin to understand that there is more to our lives than what we see, we go through a transformation just like an unborn child.  As God reveals Himself to us we start to realize things (kicking in the womb) and start to react to the world.   When the world “pokes” at us we begin to poke back with what’s right instead of conforming.  It’s a response to the touch of God.  Once He works a miracle in your heart you can’t help but be changed.  I’m sure that as we’ve grown there have been times that we might of possibly made God cringe at some of the decisions we’d make (leg cramps), but it’s an overall part of the process.  We all have to learn and sometimes it’s the hard way.  Luckily, we have the ultimate Potter molding and shaping us, mending our cracks and imperfections into beauty marks. He doesn’t rid us of those imperfections because it’s important to see them and learn from them.

As far as his name goes, most associate the name Gavin with the musician Gavin Degraw (yes that had something to do with me choosing that name) I actually chose it because it means “battle hawk.” It’s believed that this hawk, typically white, was used to indicate war during the crusades and other battles, some battles as early as the medieval times.  I hope and pray that as Mary and I raise Gavin that he becomes a strong, encouraging influence to those around him

The rest of childhood is understood as the next growing, maturing phase and I’ll write about that soon, but for now I’m going to bask in this wonder of amazing, new life that is my son Gavin with whom God has given Mary and I the awesome pleasure of raising. To God be the Glory.


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