Imperfection is Beautiful



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Believe this or not I’m not perfect. I know, I know, that’s hard to comprehend and I apologize for letting you all down, but it’s true.  Matter of fact I am far from perfect, like far, far away from perfect.  I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of, nor would I want anyone to know the details of said events, but did you know that it’s those imperfections that shape you into who you are today?

Imperfections, in my eyes, are some of the most attractive things about people. I’ve had a saying that I created that I’ve used for years and I believe it to be quote profound: “To forget your past is to ignore who you were.” What I mean by that is that is that your past only shapes you, it doesn’t define you.

Everyone’s past is completely different.  Each of us have chosen the paths that we’ve traveled and even though we may have intended it to go one way, it probably wound up in another direction.  Some paths led to good things, others to bad things, but the great part is that it’s not where you’ve been, but where you end up that matters and we all have a say-so as to where we end up to a degree. Our choices ultimately direct our paths and we have to take ownership in that, but know that just because we have a history of imperfections doesn’t mean that God won’t use us.  As a matter of fact God uses those imperfections to His advantage.

Let take a look at some biblical leaders that God used who made some bad choices in their life.

1) Moses: Moses was a man who had a list of imperfections and bad choices yet God still chose Moses to lead His people out from under Pharaoh.  Without getting in to great detail here are just a couple of things that Moses dealt with.  Moses witnessed a man beating one of his brethren (person of same nationality) and decided to kill him and then bury him in the sand.  Not only that Moses made sure no one was looking when he did which suggests slight premeditation.  On top of that Moses admits that he was slow with his speech or inadequate.  Even knowing all of this, God still chose him and Moses was still willing.

2) Paul: Paul was a persecutor of Christians, not to mention his job was to kill those who were against his beliefs.  God spoke to Paul on the road to Damascus, a revelation so to speak, and blinded him for three days and eventually led him to Ananias and the rest is history.  The conversion of Paul found in Acts 9 is a huge deal as to show that God can change the “chief of sinners” to the “chief of missionaries.”

I know that I only listed a couple of examples, but I chose two of the largest figures for this reason: if you think the sin you’ve once committed can or is hindering you from being used by God, you’re wrong.  God has the power to use anyone in any way regardless of your past or future mistakes. All He asks is that you be willing to serve and He will use you and bless you in away that you never thought possible.  Always remember that imperfections only show that you’ve tried and been unsuccessful and in God’s eye’s imperfection is beautiful.


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